McCarthy-Design Partnership

How To

Our thirst for knowledge and the understanding of how things work has led us to keep studying while working.

Over the last decade, computer sciences, graphic design, photography, art and interactivity are just some of the subjects we’ve come to realise how much more there is to learn about.


Having worked in both altruistic start-ups and web-design sweatshops, our team have a really good idea of what it takes to bring a project to life.

Our approach is ‘hands on’, we prefer early prototyping to endlessly thinking about what needs to be done.


Whilst we prefer creation to corporation, we do speak their language. We're used to leading meetings, preparing and giving presentations and managing a teams of diverse talents efficiently.

Best of all we don’t mind explaining how our work works and how it can add value to existing or potential customers (as long as it does)


We're admittedly obsessed with technology and we’ve probably wasted far too much time reading about computer systems, cascading style sheets, php frameworks, javascript and layout design.

However, we understand how websites and apps work ‘behind the scenes’ this means that we can work closely with programmers and better design ‘in-spite’ of any technical constraints.


Understanding business goals is important, understanding people is critical to achieving great products.

We can, and often have, produced complete projects alone, however working within a team will often give results that are far beyond the sum of their individual parts.

At McCarthy-Design we understand that the Internet needs to be an integral part of your business. The Internet offers unlimited potential: your website will be advertising your company and promoting your products and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

You can use your website to run seasonal promotions or special events such as ‘This weeks Featured Product’, ‘New Year Sale’, ‘Spring Event’ or ‘Summer Special’. Your website can be used to promote what you want, when you want.

Let McCarthy Design unlock the potential of your Web site:

  • As a smart ‘Yellow Pages' type ad which you can update whenever the need arises, not just once a year!
  • As an electronic brochure, saving money on printing and postage costs
  • As a revenue-generating resource for your company: making money all the time
  • Visit our pricing page to get an idea of how little you need to spend to have a professional website. Whatever you choose, we can help. We have different packages that can accommodate all of your requirements.

  • Remember, your website offers a window to the world.